Our Tutors and Mentors

All of our Frame Academy instructors hold advanced qualifications in their area as well as proven success in the industry.


Matthew Huy

Leading the anatomy and physiology section of the course (20 hours) is Matthew Huy a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals. In his teaching of anatomy, Matt aims to provide students with a broad framework for understanding the biomechanics of the body. His course focuses on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, as knowledge of these will be the most useful to the yoga teacher in the real world.



Andy Kobelinksy

Andy's classes have a strong focus on the use of breath and body alignment so you can get to truly know your body. Andy also ensures to bring her personality into all her classes to make sure they are fun and enjoyable set to a super cool playlist.


Micki Ramondt

It was love at first asana when Micki began Yoga classes in 2006. Initially, it was the physical challenge of Yoga and then she began to notice how the practice could calm her mind and open her heart. She found that the world seemed quieter when she was on the mat and has since devoted herself to the practice of Yoga.

Dimuthu Fonseka

Dimuthu's teaching style remains true to the traditional teachings of Yoga combining a powerful, dynamic practice with a deep focus on meditation, to challenge her students physically and uplift spiritually. A specialist in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Dimuthu has been practising and teaching for many years.

Maisie Turpie

Maisie Turpie, will be leading the pre and post natal element of the course. During the module, students can expect to gain an understanding of how best to work with a pre or postnatal women in their classes alongside an overview of some of the physical changes that pregnancy creates. Taking time to look at the things that we, as teachers, need to be aware of and how we can adapt our teaching to be mindful of this.

Emily Mergaert

Emily found a love for yoga while living and working in London as a makeup artist. After falling in love with the rocket practice, she trained in Ashtanga Vinyasa and Rocket and has now carried on training in Mandala Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Her style is creative and energising while maintaining a strong focus on energy centres in the body and the moving meditation which is the breath.

Sammy Furnival

After discovering the transformational benefits yoga provided, and beginning a journey towards mindfulness, self-love and light, Sammy travelled to India to complete her 200 Hour yoga teacher training. Forever learning, Sammy now practices and teaches regularly across London, as well as in Europe and India.

Darren Hunter

Darren aspires to weave the ancient spiritual practice with fun creative flow, linking it to the modern world through storytelling. Expect his classes to be strong and mindful leaving you with a new perspective both in body and mind, providing space to connect to the best version of yourself.

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