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The Frame Academy Dynamic Reformer course is designed for people with a passion for Pilates and is suited to anyone dedicated to making it their career, this includes, anyone wanting a change of career or fitness professionals from a range of backgrounds looking to upgrade their repertoire to include Pilates. The course aims to develop multifaceted teaching skills, combining a grounding in anatomy and physiology with practical application.


Autumn 2020 Intake

WEEK 1 - 12th & 13th September - 1pm - 5.30pm
WEEK 2 - 19th & 20th September- 1pm-5.30pm
WEEK 3 - 26th & 27th September - 1pm-5.30pm
WEEK 4 - 3rd & 4th October - 1pm-5.30pm
ASSESSMENT DAY - Saturday 17th October- 10am-4pm


All dates held at Frame Farringdon.


Everything you need to know!

We’re extremely excited to be launching the Reformer Pilates course through Frame Academy. Frame has been leading the way with Reformer and Dynamic Pilates and has a vast team of experts in the field, that have combined their expertise and knowledge to create this in-depth course.

With more than eight years of experience in delivering outstanding Pilates classes and with over 200 classes running every week we are proud to be setting the very highest standards for our teachers and therefore our clients. We have raised the bar and created a Premium Pilates Education experience, combining our expertise, with the essence of Pilates’ original method to provide a thorough and extremely practical teacher training course.

The training will involve a full class each morning and a mixture of interactive lectures, learning experiences and a lot of practical movement and teaching workshops.

This course is designed for people with a passion for Pilates and is suited to anyone dedicated to making it their career. This course would be well suited to fitness, mat Pilates or yoga instructor looking to expand their current training knowledge.

Personal Trainers may also find this course a beneficial addition to their training knowledge due to the large range of supported movements that can reeducate bodies in the post rehab stage.

Teaching Reformer is especially beneficial for Instructors who are looking to lighten the demand on their own bodies from teaching a high volume of fitness classes. Non-fitness professionals and welcome but we advise that you have a good foundation of the basics of Pilates. 

Once certified, instructors will be invited to a trial at Frame and if ready will able to teach Reformer Pilates and Dynamic Reformer classes at Frame.

The course beautifully balances elements of the original method with current research in exercise science and what we know clients love from our experience at Frame. The Dynamic Reformer course aims to develop multifaceted teaching skills, combining a thorough grounding in anatomy and physiology and how that functionally translates to movement and specifically Pilates with practical teaching tools.

There is chance to move, experiment and practice teaching throughout the course. The course has been written and designed by Frame's Master Trainers and will cover a grounding in mat pilates, a thorough introduction to the machine and a broad range of Pilates evolved exercises, variations and modifications to teach on the Reformer.

The course includes:

Mat work exercises that are integral to Reformer Pilates
Beginner and intermediate Reformer repertoire
Dynamic Pilates
The History of Pilates
The principles of Pilates
The role of a pilates teacher
Anatomy and physiology as it pertains to Pilates
Class planning
Cueing for successful movement
Contraindications, common injuries and special considerations

The course is fully accredited through Active IQ, the leading UK awarding body for the active leisure, learning and wellbeing sector. More information can be found here.

There will be home working and home learning and lessons plans to prepare, that will need to be submitted by the time the course is complete.

Yes. Dynamic Reformer trainees will receive 20 Frame Reformer Pilates classes during the training period which you will be required to attend to complete the course. It is recommended to attend as many before the course starts as possible.

The Dynamic Reformer course will take place across in Farringdon.

The course will be 8 practical training days and one assessment day.

No, the course is a complete qualification and is open to anyone who has a passion for Pilates and wants to take the step to making it a new career. An understanding of anatomy and physiology or teaching through another movement modality would be helpful but not essential. You are expected to have attended a minimum of 20 reformer Pilates classes prior to the course beginning. If you are unsure whether your current certifications qualify you to join the course, please get in touch and our team will be able to advise.

You will not be able to graduate from the course until you complete all the modules. If you do miss any module than you will need to agree a catch-up plan with your tutor, which will be charged at £100/hour (this can be split between the number of students needing to repeat this module). Students are not allowed to miss more than one module. If you know you will miss more, it is advised that you do not enrol on the course until you can commit to the time.

We'll do all we can to support you. Please contact us at frameacademy@moveyourframe.com before applying.

The course price is £1,600. Course fees cover all tuition, learning support, course manuals and hand-outs. A non-refundable £500 deposit will be required on registration, with the full amount payable before the course start date.

Applicants will be accepted on a first come first served basis, on the basis that they will all have passed the application criteria.

Once certified, trainees can go on to teach Reformer classes both at Frame and elsewhere. Students could choose to further their education and expand their client base with additional courses specialising in pre- and post- natal exercise or injury modifications.

There will be an opportunity for every graduate to trial for a place on the Frame timetable. Successful graduates will be qualified to teach Frame's full range of Reformer Pilates classes.

In difficult circumstances e.g. injury, the Frame Academy administration team and course tutors will try to be as flexible as possible and support you to work out the best way forward. Subject to prior consultation with the course tutors and a fully qualified medical practitioner, if you suffer an injury you may come to sessions and adjust the poses to suit your condition or observe as is appropriate.

Our intention always is to try to find ways of helping students complete the training on the intake originally applied for. However, we understand that there may be some instances where it is not possible to continue and a deferral to another intake may be necessary.

We will do our utmost to help all students who may be experiencing difficulties either with the training or in other areas of their life, to be able to complete the teacher training programme. However, we understand that in some circumstances this is not possible and students have no choice other than to leave the programme.

In the unfortunate case that this were to happen, we will be unable to graduate you from the training and your course fees for the remainder of the training are still due unless an exemption applies.

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